Emma Rishton, Psy.D

(310) 948-2599

California License #: PSY 23902

Clinical Psychologist



Break-ups/Divorce/Staying together

Grief and Loss


Pregnancy and Postpartum

Panic Attacks



Disordered Eating

Family Conflicts

Couples Therapy

BDSM Knowledgeable

Dynamic Psychotherapy                      

Specializing in Adults and Adolescents


Personalized Psychotherapy:

Psychodynamic Therapy Considers the Individual’s Unique Personality

What brings a person to therapy? Perhaps one feels repeatedly vulnerable to certain kinds of suffering or particular difficulties in life. Perhaps these difficulties lead to problems in personal relationships and create pitfalls professionally. Often, such struggles can be associated with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or many other negative feelings and behaviors. Problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are complexly intertwined with an individual’s unique personality. Simple diagnoses meant to label an individual as having a particular psychological ‘condition’ are seldom sufficient to address the source of an individual’s life problems and to illuminate effective solutions moving forward in one’s life. Psychotherapy works differently for every person and for every unique personality. Progress in therapy and in life can best be made with the help of a therapist’s attention to an individual’s unique personality and how it influences one’s thoughts, behaviors, and decision-making.

My professional training is in psychodynamic psychotherapy, a form of depth psychology, which focuses on an individual’s unique personality and works by providing a safe and supportive environment to help one understand what is not immediately recognizable. Insight and new experiences lead to growth and a more fulfilling life.  Psychodynamic therapy is experienced in a professional and confidential environment in one-on-one 50 minute sessions once or more weekly.